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Cost: Varies- frequently covered by insurance
Website: http://www.teladoc.com
Type of Providers: IM, FP, Pediatrics
Provider or Assigned: Provider assigned
Insurance Coverage: Available directly from payer with a code
Registration Process: simple
Lab Order Ability: no
Online Electronic Records: yes
Checklists of helpful advice: no
Instant Access or Call Back: yes
Video, Audio or Either: both
Range of Conditions Treated: see below
Electronic Prescribing: yes
Description: This was one of the first national companies to provide this service. They typically work though arrangement with employers and/or insurance companies to provide low cost alternatives to Emergency Departments and Urgent care centers They advertise the ability to treat
· Cold and flu symptoms
· Bronchitis
· Allergies
· Poison ivy
· Pink eye
· Urinary tract infection
· Respiratory infection
· Sinus problems
· Ear infection
· and more!

Mixed reviews from consumers on this program

  Telemedicine offers the consumer the ability to do a live video consultation with a Board Certified Physician. The consumer can use any device with a high resolution camera to converse over a secure encrypted network. The number of providers available and the range of conditions that can be treated by telemedicine is steadily increasing. Telemedicine Physicians can send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. Narcotics and psychiatric medications are generally not prescribed by telemedicine. The payment for the services is made directly on line and is in the range of $40 to $50 per consultation. In some cases health insurance will cover some or all of the cost. The consultations are not time limited but typically take around 20 minutes. Both acute and chronic conditions can be treated via telemedicine. You can only get a consultation from a Physician licensed in your state. Most companies provide a large amount of background information regarding the providers to allow the consumer to make informed selections. Most of the programs provide the ability to maintain an online electronic health record.