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  Our navigators are ready and able to guide you to quick and cost effective solutions to your everyday healthcare needs. From the finding a provider to take care of your minor illness, to management of your chronic conditions, the navigators can point you to a solution that meets your needs.

  The resources they have at their fingertips include low cost medications, transparent pricing for the real costs for hospital visits, procedures, tests and office visits. Our navigators can get you to online telemedicine appointments.

  If you want information about the quality, patient rating or safety of a hospital; they can direct you to that information. No matter what your health question, our navigators can guide you through the vast and confusing ocean of medical information to a good answer.

  Your privacy and trust are extremely important to us! We want to give you complete and lasting confidence that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we share your e-mail address or any other your personal information with any other parties.