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Blue Button
  Millions of Americans can get easy, secure online access to their health records thanks to “Blue Button”. Health information about you may be stored in many places, such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, drug stores and health insurance companies. Blue Button is a way you can access your health records electronically so you can:
Share them with your doctor or trusted family members or caregivers
Check to make sure the information, such as your medication list, is accurate and complete
Keep track of when your child had his/her last vaccination
Have your medical history available in case of emergency, when traveling, seeking a second opinion, or switching health insurance companies
Plug your health information into apps and tools that help you set and reach personalized health goals.
  You have a legal right to receive your personal health information. Although Blue Button is in its early stages, it is expanding rapidly. Ask your health care providers or health insurance company if they offer you the ability to view online, download, and share your health records via Blue Button and look for the Blue Button logo.