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Price: $ 3.99
Platform: iOS
Website: http://24-7.motionx.com
This is multifunctional application, which allows you to track your steps, different forms of physical activities, weight, pulse, and sleep. This app uses multiple sensors to record, track, analyze and report on a cross section of activities including steps, pulse and sleep patterns.  Steps are graded by intensity. It is able to sense your motions and sounds during your sleep and analyze this data to give you information about your sleep pattern.   A variety of other reports can be generated from the data collected.

Application is capable to share data with Apple Health Kit.

Reviews: Our testing showed that pulse readings were very accurate. Testing done against commercial, medical and FDA certified devices showed very high accuracy of pulse readings compatible to high end commercial devices.

Steps readings are done automatically by the I-Phone 6. Using any other I-Phone requires turning the app on manually. 
Our testing on accuracy of step counting showed relatively accurate results. The difference between manual step count and counting done by the application was under 5% difference. This can be considered acceptable and better than several other applications we have tested.    The application does a fairly accurate recording of night sleep events (snoring, talking in sleep, movements). Current testing data is not sufficient to give a final conclusion about accuracy and usefulness of this specific function.  At the same time we see a good potential to use it as a preliminary and screening tool to identify sleep problems.